"Anything done for another is done for oneself."

- Pope John Paul II

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Student Organizations & Clubs

St. Mary’s Academy encourages students to participate in student organizations in addition to pursuing their academic work. Extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities for leadership, cooperation, performance, and service and help them develop friendships, explore their talents, contribute to the community, and have fun. Most activities are open to all, though some clubs require an invitation based on specific criteria, and others have a selection process. 

St. Mary’s faculty moderate, sponsor, and mentor all activities and clubs, but students drive the scope, program, and purpose. 

student government
Student Government
SMA's Student Government helps the school organize spirit events such as tail-gates, Homecoming dances, Prom, and dress down themed days. They are called upon to offer suggestions to the Principal.
student ambassadors
Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassador Program students are dedicated to serving and representing St. Mary's. They are responsible for welcoming prospective families through tours and testimonies.
National Honor Society
SMA's National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes outstanding juniors and seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.
color guard
Color Guard
SMA's Color Guard marches before football games and stands proud during the National Anthem. They carry the Vatican Flag, Georgia's Flag, and the United States of America Flag.
SMA's Yearbook Club/Class provides staff members with journalism skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Students learn theme, content, coverage, reporting, writing headlines & captions, editing, photography, typography, finance, and more.
Broadcast Technology
SMA's Broadcast Club is responsible for producing and performing the LIVE morning announcements. Broadcast Club meets before school to proofread scripts and prepare guest speakers before going on-air.