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Middle School

At St. Mary’s Academy, we celebrate your middle school student as a blessing to our community. Our caring teachers partner with parents during these formative years, where academics are coupled with the social/emotional components of the school environment. In addition, the personalized attention provides opportunities for your middle school student to pursue new interests and explore new peer groups. Our inquiry-based learning approach from the Lower School continues into the Middle School and transforms student curiosity into developing critical thinking skills. Our students learn to apply knowledge from one domain to another and draw connections among ideas.

The middle school years usher in myriad dynamic structures into students’ lives ranging from as young as 11 years and as old as 15 years. Maturity looks different and is paced differently in each child. This pacing is often a source of anxiety and stress for our children. Growth spurts are common and result in students needing more rest. Brain growth continues with students advancing in cognitive and social-emotional skills. Our students are further developing fine and gross motor movements–the type often used in team sports.

St. Mary’s teachers are skilled at scaffolding and building learning platforms to help our students understand challenging academic material. Our teachers are constantly spiraling through previously taught concepts to confirm true mastery. We are preparing them so that at the end of 8th grade, our students are prepared to tackle a college-preparatory high school program at St. Mary’s high school.

middle school

Middle School Curriculum

6th - 8th Grades

At SMA, we understand the unique challenges facing our middle school students. We take advantage of their new ability to memorize information more easily in the classroom. Middle school students are learning to be flexible thinkers, and our faculty help our students learn to change approaches when needed. We work with our students to build grammar and vocabulary knowledge, write from personal experiences, and work with what-if scenarios to solve problems. And we continue the SMA call to help our students develop a worldview and a basic set of values based on Christian principles while recognizing each child’s societal constructs.


Middle School Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts
Social Studies
Middle School Tracks
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Sample Middle School Program

STREAM |Classical Studies |World Language Selectives
Novel Studies
6th Grade
Earth Scienc
(Space & Earth)
American History I
Visual Arts
Great Books Classical Study