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Welcome to the media center

The Media Center is housed within the Center For Innovation at St. Mary’s Academy.  It is a gathering place on campus for reading classes, research, and collaboration.  The Media Center houses more than 8,000 volumes, periodicals, reference sources, and two databases through Ebsco.  

The mission of the Library Media Center Program is to support the school curriculum through a variety of resources, to educate students and staff on becoming effective users of ideas, information, and literature, and to nurture a love for lifelong reading.  

If you have questions, would like to volunteer, or would like to learn more about the role that the Media Center plays in the development of our students, please contact Kathy Schenck at or 770.461.2202 ext. 301.  

Library Policies & Procedures

Library Activities & Incentives

Grading Policy

Battle of the books

Battle of the (BOB) is a school-wide, as well as Archdiocesan, competition.  All 3rd-6th graders participate by reading a minimum of four (4) books.  Participation is optional for 7th-8th grade.   The more books read, the greater the chance of being on the BOB team.  

The top four students from each grade level will represent SMA off-campus at the Archdiocesan Semi-Final competition in April.  Finals are held at the chancery in May.  The selection of participants is based on the number of AR quizzes taken, which render a minimum score of 50% on the list of BOB books.

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Accelerated Reader & STAR Assessment


The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a computerized program that tests reading comprehension.  Students select books on their reading level, read them, and then take an independent comprehension quiz.  Reading levels are determined through the STAR Reading Assessment given to students at the beginning of each quarter.  Both AR and the STAR are hosted through Renaissance.  

Incentives and rewards will be given throughout the year.  Based on the results of the STAR Assessment, students should be able to score an 85% average or better on AR quizzes.  If students do just that, then they have met their goal and will earn a prize or multiple prizes depending on how may quizzes they take.  It resets quarterly.   Those students who meet the 85% average three of the four quarters will get an invite to the Grand Prize Party at the end of the school year.  Students earn a bookmark for every 100% on a quiz.  Students earn a prize for going up in their reading level.  Students earn dog tags based on the number of points that each book is worth.  The larger the book, the greater the points.  Those students reading one million words become part of the Million Word Club and will receive a trophy at the end of the school year.   And lastly, all students who are reading at least one year above grade level (as determined by the STAR Assessment) will have their name displayed on Mrs. Schenck’s Rockstar Reader posters.